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Tree Trimming & Pruning Melbourne

When a tree is properly maintained it becomes a beautiful addition to any space, providing shade and splendor to the surrounding areas. Tree need regular upkeep, including tree pruning. Melbourne residents need look no further for all their tree pruning needs than the expert Arborists at T4 Tree Services.

When a tree isn’t properly maintained, it can become troublesome and even dangerous. A range of problems can occur; from overhanging branches causing problems on your roof to branches interfering with electrical wiring and external cabling. Dead or weakened branches can’t always be identified by eye from the ground level – you may be living under a potential hazard without realising it.

Stump Removal

With over two decades of experience in the industry, T4 Tree Services uses our experience and knowledge to provide the trusted tree pruning services Melbourne residents can rely on. We use a wide variety of different techniques when pruning or trimming a tree, including:

  • Crown thinning for light or safety
  • Removal of deadwood
  • Building, road, and footpath clearance
  • Service line clearance such as electrical
  • Increased light penetration, air flow, view, or health and longevity
  • Reduce wind load
  • ‘Make safe’ for fallen trees and branches affected by tumultuous weather


Our professional Arborists service every tree for not only safety, but aesthetic reasons, making sure your tree is not only hazard free but looks beautiful. Operating throughout Melbourne’s Eastern and South Eastern suburbs, we know how important trees are to your property. Because of this, before starting any work we always engage in a consultation to discuss your requirements and concerns.

To find out how you can get the best tree trimming Melbourne has to offer, call today on 1300 611 638  to get a free quote.

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To get in touch with an expert Arborist, Melbourne residents can call T4 Tree Services on 1300 611 638 and receive a free quote today.